In a world where we are taught not to talk about race, Lion's Story works to increase racial literacy— which is the ability to read, recast, and resolve racially stressful social interactions and narratives. We work to equip you with the skills needed to help you author your own racial story and advocate on behalf of yourself, your community and your organization.

Everyone has a racial story that matters.

During our trainings, participants work to develop foundational skills of racial literacy. You will participate in large seminars, small group sessions, and independent activities that will help you explore and examine your racial story. By the end of the training, you should be able to:

  • Explain and apply the definition of reading and recasting racially stressful encounters.

  • Apply the racial stress reduction mindfulness strategy, CLCBE, during personal & professional stressful racial/diversity encounters.

  • Identify how racial stress affects thoughts, emotions and physical response during racially stressful encounters & experiences.

  • Explore experiences affirming agency & authorship during racially stressful encounters.

Who We Serve

We have helped nonprofits, small and large businesses, government entities and community organizations across the nation learn, develop and use the skills to have productive conversations about race. Our racial literacy team of experts - comprised of clinicians, therapists, administrators and diversity and inclusion specialists - are grounded in the application of racial literacy research.

Trainings & Courses

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Client Testimonials

Hillary B.

"I appreciated the emotional approach. I appreciated the opportunity to brainstorm and try out new ways of responding to racially charged and other hard moments. I'm better equipped with comebacks. These are tools and skills that I'm already integrating into my work..."

Jackson C.

"The Lion's Story training institute was powerful learning. The theory and practical approaches the Lion's Story team share are where the rubber meets the road for student support in my professional practice. I will certainly bring what I've learned back to my team..."