It’s time for an open, honest and productive conversation about race.

Join us for our Racial Literacy Institute: August 16-19, 2021

At Lion’s Story, we’re here to help people have productive conversations about race. We call it racial literacy. Racial literacy is the ability to recognize and resolve stressful racial encounters when they happen.

By developing and practicing critically important communication skills, reflecting on our own experiences, and examining our own biases, we’re more able, willing and ready to speak up when confronted with a racially charged situation. At Lion’s Story, we view the ability to cope with racial stress as a matter of skill, not character or morality.

Our Racial Literacy Virtual Institute (RLVI) seeks to increase racial literacy in our participants by establishing an environment of mutual respect to foster ethical and thoughtful reflection & decision making. The more we practice the skills of racial literacy, the more competent we become in navigating stressful encounters across various personal and professional contexts. This training is designed for individuals, decision makers, administrators, educators and clinicians looking to increase their racial literacy skills.

RLVI participants gather for a 4-day virtual convening, led by Lion’s Story trainers and staff, to cultivate racial literacy by means of mindfulness-based storytelling, journaling, debating, and role playing. Participants are welcome to register as individuals or as a group of representatives from an organization, entity, and/or school.

**Please Note: The Racial Literacy Virtual Institute is an American Psychological Association (APA) Accredited Course and individuals who wish to receive credit for participation must register as (and complete requirements for) an APA Participant.**

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If you wish to receive APA credits for the course, please select the 'APA Accreditation' option. All other participants should select General Admission.

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