Course Overview

Dates: July 7, 14, 21 & 28, 2021 I 7-8:30PM EST
Trainers: Karen Campbell and Lisa Nelson-Haynes

What We Carry: The Hidden Cost of Racialized Terror will introduce mindfulness practices to further deepen the tools and strategies introduced in your Lion’s Story training. Starting with self, this four-part workshop series will include a story circle, journaling, a deep dive into incorporating CLCBE and PACC in your daily lives, yoga and breathwork, and guidance in creating a self-curated mindfulness toolkit that complements your needs and self-care routine moving forward.


Particular emphasis will be placed on body awareness and the links between chronic stress and mental and physical wellness. Participants will work collaboratively in sharing their reflections and insights, while supporting each other on this intimate journey of self- discovery.  The movement elements of this series are accessible to all bodies, no prior yoga experience is required, and movement modifications will be offered. 


Course Outcomes

Participants will come away from the training with a self-curated wellness toolkit, in addition to proven movement, breathing and meditative techniques to help manage racially stressful encounters in the moment as well as long-term.


Course Format

The number of participants will be capped at 20 to ensure a safe, intimate space for all.